Air Purifiers Prevent Summer From Wreaking Havoc On Your Air Quality

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Air Purifiers Prevent Summer From Wreaking Havoc On Your Air Quality

 The mercury isn't the only thing that rises in the peak of summer. The level of air pollution in your home increases too. Elevated atmospheric pressure forces stagnant air closer to the ground and the heat prevents pollutants from dispersing the way they normally would. Not only that, but your beloved air conditioner -your shield against that scorching summer heat - will inevitably pull some of that impure air into your home. 

But you aren’t without protection. An air purifier with HEPA air filtration, UV lights, and ionizers all team up to let you enjoy crisp, clean air that will make you feel healthy and invigorated. Read our blog to learn more about summer air quality, then let your friends at Jackson & Sons craft a solution that will clear the air in your home.

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Have You Checked Your Dryer Vent Recently? 

Most people never even think about their dryer vent. They wash their clothes, dry them and move on. But each time you do, lint and other debris build-up and can quickly turn into a fire hazard. Don’t let your home fall prey to one of the nearly3,000 dryer-related fires that happen each year. Jackson & Sons dryer vent cleaning service can keep your vent hose clear and your home safe.

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Looking To Increase Your Home’s Comfort? Pitch A Tent!

Your home’s attic might be great for extra storage - but it’s also one of the biggest sources of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. All that temperature change demands more energy to keep things stable - which pulls money from your pocket. An attic tent from Jackson & Sons seals off your attic space from the rest of your home, which keeps your temperatures under control and improves your air quality to boot.

Good In”tent”ions

Live It Up This Summer!

The summer months might be winding down, but there’s still time for you and your family to enjoy plenty of warm-weather activities. If you’ve got any home comfort catastrophes that are threatening your fun, our family is here for yours. Always feel free to message us online or call us at 919-734-9611!

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