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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Homes

Make Your Eastern NC Home an Energy Efficient Home

Do you dread getting your heating or cooling bill each month? If your energy bills are high, then call Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning. We specialize in helping our customers create energy efficient homes and businesses. In addition to offering highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems, we offer a variety of products that will help conserve energy and lower your bills. Located in Dudley, NC, we serve Goldsboro, Greenville, Smithfield and towns throughout the Eastern NC area.

What are some of the products we recommend to create an energy efficient home

Energy Efficiency

Attic Tents – We install attic tents for customers with either pull-down attic stairs or pop-up attic attic access. These are typically under-insulated areas, and a common escape route for heated or cooled air.

Energy Efficiency

Temperature Controls – There are many temperature control products, such as programmable thermostats, that help you control your home’s temperature so that you are not over cooling or heating when you the space is not in use.

Energy Efficiency

Zoning Control Systems – Adding a zoning control system to your HVAC allows you to choose different temperatures for each zones. This saves energy by not heating or cooling rooms that are not in use.

Energy Efficiency

Air Duct Repair & Insulation – If your ducts have loose connections, broken seals or are uninsulated, then heated or cooled air will escape and your HVAC will need to work harder.

Call Jackson & Sons For An Energy Efficiency Consultation in Eastern NC

Our energy efficiency experts will be happy to meet you in your home or business, analyze your space, and make recommendations to help you conserve energy. We work with homeowners throughout Wayne, Pitt and Johnston Counties, and business owners from Raleigh to the NC coast. Give us a call at 800-646-8460 to schedule an appointment, and start lowering your energy bills today!

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