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Air Duct Repair & Replacement

Save Energy With Air Duct Repair & Replacement Services

When you think of your HVAC system, you probably think of your air conditioning unit, furnace or heat pump. While these are important components, your air ducts are also vital to the performance of your system. If your ducts are not in good shape, then it forces your AC or heating unit to work harder, which forces you to pay higher energy bills! Dirty air ducts can also lead to poor indoor air quality. The HVAC technicians at Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning provide air duct repair to get your ducts in prime condition. Located near Goldsboro, we serve residential and commercial clients throughout Eastern NC.

What are some common reasons our customers call on us for air duct repairs?

  • Air ducts that were not properly installed
  • Damaged air ducts due to severe weather, animals, or wear and tear
  • Under-insulated or uninsulated air ducts
  • Air duct joints that have become loose or disconnected over time
Duct Repair and Replacement Services

Call us for air duct repairs in Goldsboro, Greenville and throughout Eastern NC

Trust your air duct repairs to a company that you can count on to be knowledgeable, dependable and treat you like family. For more information about air duct repairs or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert HVAC technicians, call Jackson & Sons at 800-646-8460. We look forward to repairing or replacing your air ducts so that your HVAC system functions at its most efficient levels.

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Why Choose Jackson & Sons for your air duct repairs?

  • Highly qualified – Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Energy efficiency expertise – our HVAC technicians are EPA certified.
  • Same day air duct repairs so you won’t have to wait on comfort.
  • 5-Star customer service based on our tradition of family values.

Family owned and operated since 1974, our mission is constant quality, comfort and care.