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"Jared was super professional and he did a great job! He shared the advantages of having an attic tent and this is why we decided to go ahead and have one installed."
- D. Fuller

"Blake was very professional and honest with me. He found an issue with my return line under the house. He came back the following day and replaced the damaged line. He did a great job and everything is looking good!"
- H. Walls

"Harry is a great guy, he came out and listened as I explained what issues I was having with my unit. He went out and checked the unit and explained what was wrong and the cost of the repair. Due to the age of my system, I felt it would make more sense to replace it. Harry contacted the office and set up a time for one of the comfort specialist to visit me, then he prepared my service call bill and gave me the time frame of arrival for the comfort specialist. Great Service"
- J. McNeill

"Caleb serviced my unit and I was not able to be there when he finished. He left the nicest note letting me know how everything was operating properly, even the dehumidifier. He also wrote how everything looked really good under the house which is always a concern of mine. I normally don’t take the time to contact and give compliments, but I was so impressed by the thoughtful, well written note. Please give him a pat on the back and spend him next time if you can."
- A. Barnes

"I was a customer when living in Goldsboro, and recently moved to Clayton, the service received from Kevin is exactly as remembered, it’s the reason I came back after moving to Clayton."
- G. Schott

Home Comfort Tips

Attic Tents offer an easy solution to conditioned air escaping from the living area of your home into the attic. An attic tent seals the stairwell entrance to your attic with a thick, microfiber insulation encased in a durable, synthetic shell.

Installing a UV light kills germs such as bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens by destroying their DNA preventing them from reproducing which makes the indoor air healthier for everyone in the home. A great solution for those who suffer from allergies.

An Energy Savings Agreement will allow for both the homeowner and business owner to enjoy premium efficiency and priority service. During our 25-point precision Tune Up, all working parts are cleaned and thoroughly inspected to ensure peak performance for your heating and air system. Get peace of mind with one of our maintenance plans for as little as $19 per month (residential).

Duct System Endoscopy is an internal inspection of your duct work via camera. After the inspection you will receive a full report of the findings, along with pictures and recommendations for your home.

A Surge Protective Device will protect your heating and air unit against lightning and voltage power surges. Affordable, easy installation, and high performance when you need it most.

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Oct 20
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