Summer temperatures in Eastern North Carolina will be hot and humid, so keeping your home comfortably cool is essential. Did you know that a faulty thermostat could keep your home from being cool and comfortable? Even if your air conditioner is working just fine, the communication between the thermostat and your system may leave you sweltering.

Here are a few of possible thermostat issues:

Tripped Circuit Breakers

It’s possible that the source of a thermostat problem is not the thermostat itself. Make sure that your thermostat is set to “cool” before checking the breaker. If indeed, the breaker is tripped, this could be the issue. One thing to keep in mind is when a circuit breaker does trip, it is for safety reasons so you should consider having a professional take a look at it. If there has been a power outage, this could be the reason for the circuit breaker to trip and it may not happen again once you reset it. There are also times that it is a wiring issue causing the circuit breaker to trip.

Loss of Internet Connection

The more modern types of thermostats are electric and work much as a computer does. The most popular are programmable, which allows so much more flexibility for the owner to set to preferences of those living in the home. These smart thermostats will continue to work as a normal thermostat in the case of a loss of internet connection, the only function that will be lost is the ability to control the system from your smartphone.

Signs of a Failing Thermostat

Recognizing common thermostat problems can give the homeowner the opportunity to consult with a professional before the heating or cooling capabilities are compromised. Signs of a failing thermostat include a complete lack of air flow or uneven heating or cooling throughout the structure. If you noticed that your air conditioner constantly runs during the summer, this could be another sign of a failing thermostat. The thermostat should signal your cooling system to turn off when optimum temperature is reached.

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