Breathe Easy: Indoor Plants and IAQ

Breathe Easy: Indoor Plants and IAQ

If you want to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) the natural way, look no further than indoor plants. Some kinds actually absorb harmful and all too common air pollutants found inside homes. The EPA has stated that IAQ is often the more polluted than the air found in big cities.

The leaves of specific plants absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as do their roots and the soil. VOCs come from ordinary products used indoors and can cause minor to serious health problems.

Spider plants

These hanging plants tolerate moderate to bright light and occasional lack of water. They send out babies that hang down from the plant once their roots are bound inside the pot.

Boston ferns

A bit more showy than the spider plant, Boston ferns like moderate humidity levels and moist soil.

English ivy

NASA cited this ivy as the most effective for removing formaldehyde from household cleaners. It’s fairly easy to grow, although it’s susceptible to spider mites during warm ,humid weather.

Aloe vera

A succulent, aloe vera absorbs plenty of indoor air pollutants, tolerates drought and prefers bright light. They love warmth and sunshine. It’s one of the safest indoor plants to grow if you have pets, since it’s completely nontoxic. The sticky liquid inside their leaves has many beneficial internal and external health properties, as well.

Bamboo palm

If you have a sunny corner, a bamboo palm will grow tall as it absorbs more than its share of formaldehyde.

Ficus or weeping figs

When used indoors, ficus like to be placed in a bright location and seldom moved. Under optimal conditions, these plants will grow tall with a lush green canopy.


Many varieties of dracaena have colorful foliage.

Peace lilies

These plants are suitable for rooms with low light.

If you don’t have room, time, or a green thumb to grow indoor plants that will aid in improving air quality, you will definitely improve your IAQ using air filtration techniques and UV (ultraviolet) lights for your HVAC system. To learn more, contact Jackson & Sons, providing HVAC services for eastern North Carolina homeowners.

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