The comfort level of your company’s employees and customers should always be held in high regard throughout the year. Regardless of your business’ size, a commercial HVAC maintenance tune up should definitely be on your to-do list every six months. Let’s take a look at a few tasks that you’ll want to carry out in summer:

Hire a Professional for a Tune-up

The best way to initially tackle your HVAC maintenance needs is to contact a qualified HVAC Company to perform a maintenance tune up on the system. The technician will thoroughly clean the system, checking to ensure that the unit is working as it should and if any issues are found, will share with you what work should be considered for the system to perform at its peak performance.

Consider A Commercial Maintenance Agreement

Commercial HVAC systems take a lot of abuse because they’re generally in operation for long periods of time, and heating or cooling very large areas. To keep a commercial system running at top efficiency all year round, consider a commercial service agreement with a trusted HVAC company. There are many advantages to having a maintenance agreement. You’ll get 24/7 Emergency Service, including weekends and holidays, no overtime charges, a planned maintenance schedule where you will be contacted when it’s time to schedule a tune up, filter changes, discount on all repairs and more.

Upgrade Your Thermostats

A commerical HVAC professional will be able to assess the company indoor comfort needs and share advice on the best thermostat makes and models available for your business.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Filters used with commercial HVAC systems typically need to be replaced every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on how often the equipment runs each day and how quickly the filters fill up with debris such as dust and pollutants. Restaurants often need to change the filters monthly.

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