Commercial HVAC’s Top Advantages

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Reliable, effective commercial HVAC systems are vital to both small and large businesses. For the health and comfort of employees and customers to maintaining a proper environment for products and manufacturing, businesses need accurate, dependable control of indoor temperature and humidity. Commercial HVAC units are larger and more complex than standard home HVAC units. Consequently, maintenance and service requirements are also typically more demanding.

Here are some more advantages of commercial HVAC systems, as well as reliable professional support to ensure optimum reliability and efficiency.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Efficiency matters in any HVAC application, but it’s particularly critical in a competitive commercial environment. A higher efficiency rating for a furnace or air-conditioning system translates directly into lower monthly operating costs for a business. More efficient commercial heating and cooling technology is also typically associated with more effective performance and greater reliability.

Reduced Breakdowns

Any disruption in commercial systems can mean inventory loss due to spoilage, damage, and other disruptions to daily functions of the business. These, in turn, raise costs and make a business less competitive. Rugged commercial units are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of commercial applications.

Longer Equipment Service Life

Commercial systems are designed and built for long life and durability. Most units are engineered for 15 – 20 years of operation, with heavy daily hours of usage. Professional maintenance and service typically associated with commercial heating and cooling systems will keep them working at peak performance, reduces the incidence of equipment interruptions and extends the life of the system.

Professional Maintenance

Industry statistics show that more than 90% of breakdowns are related to insufficient and/or infrequent maintenance. The high standard of reliability required by commercial operation is supported by certified, professional HVAC service personnel that respond to issues on a 24/7 basis, including regular precision maintenance tune ups required by most commercial systems’ warranties.

For sales, maintenance, service repairs, and informed advice about commercial HVAC systems, contact the professionals at Jackson & Sons.

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