Decoding and Dealing with HVAC System Odors

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HVAC system odors in your home can be hard to ignore. Cool comfort in summer and cozy warmth during winter are what you expect to come out of the vents inside your house. If unpleasant smells are what’s noticeable, something’s wrong somewhere.

A central air conditioning and heating system is an intricate network built into the structure of your home. Getting to the source of HVAC system odors is a job for a qualified service technician with the necessary expertise and equipment.

For an idea of some issues that may be involved, here are a few common examples of unpleasant aromas:

Musty, Moldy Scent

Mold contamination is usually associated with moisture. An HVAC professional can track down issues including a moldy air filter, mold inside a drip pan under the central air handler, and mold-triggering moisture inside ductwork due to high indoor humidity or some other source.

Rotten Egg Smell

Don’t ignore it. Utility companies add this distinctive odor to dangerous natural gas so leaks will be noticeable. Gas leaks may occur from a gas-fired furnace and spread the smell through HVAC ductwork. If you notice this odor, contact your gas company immediately.

Chemical Odor When Heating

Another danger sign, this distinct smell that resembles formaldehyde may indicate a cracked furnace heat exchanger. A defective heat exchanger can leak deadly carbon monoxide gas into the system airflow. Turn off the furnace and call your HVAC contractor for professional advice.

Electrical Overheating

An acrid smell coming from a hot electric motor or wiring likely originates from the blower inside the indoor air handler. A blower motor burning out, and/or associated wiring getting hot, would generate this sharp odor that disseminates through the ductwork. Turn the system off and schedule professional service.

Dead Rodent

Rats or other vermin sometimes invade ductwork and die there. If it happens, the odor will be hard to ignore. Experienced HVAC service technicians can remove the remains and seal the opening where the rodent entered the ducts.

For fast response and experienced service to diagnose and eliminate HVAC system odors in Eastern North Carolina contact the professionals at Jackson & Sons.

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