While it may seem like a permanent component of your house, residential electrical wiring often has a finite lifespan. If you’ve purchased an older home or lived in your present residence long enough, the time eventually arrives when re-wiring the house may be necessary. Some of the reasons are related to the age of the electrical system and/or its original configuration. Others are simply a result of the changing times and higher demand. Here are some scenarios that may cause you to consult a qualified electrician about upgrading your electrical wiring.

  • Does the house have aluminum wiring? Abut 2 million houses built in the late 1960s and early 1970s do. Connections in aluminum wiring are known to be at high risk for failure. This could cause a dangerous fire or, at the very least, interrupt power to household circuits. Replacement with copper electrical wiring is indicated.
  • Are circuit breakers tripping? That can be a symptom of a system that’s not up to the task of providing enough electricity to meet current demand. The rapidly increasing number of electrical devices in today’s homes has made the old standard 60- or 100-amp systems increasingly obsolete. Today, new houses are typically constructed with wiring and panels rated for at least 150 amps. (Circuit breakers that repeatedly trip may also indicate a faulty appliance or dangerous shorts, so they should always be checked out by a qualified electrician immediately.)
  • Are the outlets grounded? If you’re still living with old fashioned, two-prong outlets, you know the inconvenience. Many devices today require three-prong grounded outlets and all new residences are constructed with them. That’s for a very good reason: the ground wire provides added safety in the event of a short.
  • Time to upgrade your HVAC system? Many times in older homes or businesses upgrades are needed at the time of installation.
  • Are you planning renovation or remodeling? If so, don’t miss this prime opportunity to update your electrical system for the 21st century by re-wiring the house, too. Since other dismantling and construction work will be underway anyhow, it’s the perfect time to have an electrician do the job.

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