Large vents and indoor components for your HVAC system can be something that is an eyesore to some because they fear it distracts from the home indoor decor. Yet, you need your HVAC system to make your home comfortable and inviting. So what can you do? Hiding HVAC elements in interior design, or incorporating them in a tasteful way, may be the solution. Here are some ideas you can use for your North Carolina home.

1. Create a Distraction

One option is to build elements around the HVAC component to distract from them. For example, hanging framed artwork on the wall above a floor vent will draw the eye up and away from the item. Choosing a wall color that blends in with the equipment you’re trying to hide can draw attention away from it as well.

2. Decorate It

If you can’t hide or distract from an element, then decorate it! You can purchase upgrades for your vent covers that offer different options than what is normally used in a home. Instead of the metal floor vents, options such as finished wood could be considered. Ornamental grill work in vent covers can make them an artistic element if that is something you like. However, keep in mind that anything you place in or around an HVAC vent or similar element needs to allow full air circulation to allow your system to work properly. Your HVAC professional will be able to assist you.

3. Use Furniture

You can strategically place furnishings around your HVAC elements, as long as you take into account the need to preserve air flow. However, never place furniture extremely close to or directly over a vent.

As you plan for HVAC elements in interior design, make sure you aren’t hindering their function. Contact Jackson & Sons for help with this task in Eastern North Carolina.