Help Your HVAC Unit Perform Well by Cleaning Your Attic

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A clean attic may not improve your indoor decor, but it can help support your HVAC system. Cleaning an attic may reveal ongoing issues that directly impact the performance and efficiency of your cooling and heating units. It also provides an opportunity to inspect HVAC components like the ductwork present in the attic. Here are some examples of how a clean attic may also mean a more comfortable and healthier environment in the living spaces below.

Insulation Issues

Insulation problems may be easier to detect in a clean attic. Fiberglass batts may have shifted, or blown-in cellulose insulation could have settled over time, causing gaps in coverage and allowing heat transfer through the ceiling of the rooms below. This raises HVAC operating costs and impairs temperature control. Roof leakage into the attic also degrades the heat-resistance properties of insulation and makes the system run longer cycles to compensate.

Ductwork Problems

A clean attic may also reveal issues with HVAC ductwork routed there. Disconnected duct segments and/or leaks in aging, deteriorated ductwork affect airflow. Your AC or furnace has to run longer to make up for the loss, and monthly costs spiral. Leaks in ductwork may also draw unhealthy attic dust and insulation fibers into the system airflow, degrading your indoor air quality.

Air Leakage

While you clean the attic, look for cracks and gaps that allow air leakage into rooms below. Openings may occur around recessed ceiling-light fixtures, as well as around points where pipes, vents, and electrical wiring pass through the ceiling into the attic. Structural cracks and gaps allow air leakage into or out of the attic that can increase both heating and cooling costs.

Mold Growth

Attic mold contamination may infiltrate HVAC ductwork routed there and contaminate air in living spaces. Mold and moisture go hand in hand, so in addition to professional mold remediation, issues such as roof leaks and insufficient attic ventilation must also be resolved to eliminate the problem.

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