How Do You Achieve Air Balance in a Commercial Building?

Air Balance

A comfortable working environment is essential for the staff as well as the customers who visit the business. Proper air balance ensures the heating and cooling system delivers the desired or necessary air flow to the interior of the building. Uneven air flow is uncomfortable for the occupants and it throws off the entire HVAC system’s efficiency resulting in loss of productivity and profitability.

What Is Air Balance?

Air balance occurs when the heating and cooling system is pushing air throughout the building evenly, allowing the inside temperature to be consistent throughout the structure. Minimizing uneven temperatures will maximize indoor comfort, while providing energy savings.

A variety of factors can impact the air balance. One of the most common is ductwork leaks and damage. Other causes can include improperly sized filters, worn out blowers and exhaust fans, and even improperly installed or broken air dampers. Something as simple as adding equipment or furniture can cause issues with air balance. Likewise, if some rooms are used less frequently than others or if new insulation is added, it can throw the air balance off in the building.

Achieving a Balanced Building

When seeking indoor balanced air, contact a professional HVAC contractor who will provide a thorough examination — which will include looking at the building’s blueprints if they are available. This allows for understanding how the building is laid out and how air is designed to flow through it.

Then, the ductwork will be examined. Is it designed and installed properly? Is it sized properly for the building? Are there air leaks or other damage? Issues with the ductwork will waste a significant amount of energy.

Finally, the HVAC professional will measure the actual airflow from the registers and return vents and compare the results to the airflow the building should have based on its design. Testing the airflow will aid in finding the location of any issues so repairs or changes can be made and balanced air can be achieved in the structure.

For more help achieving air balance, both in commercial buildings and in residential homes, contact Jackson & Sons. Providing Eastern North Carolina with quality heating and cooling solutions since 1974.

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