Will failing AC components make the coming summer an uncomfortable experience? A central air conditioner incorporates parts that are subject to heavy wear and tear as temperatures rise and the system runs longer cycles to maintain thermostat settings. Here are some things to consider to increase the odds of making it through summer without having AC components fail, thus depriving your home of cool comfort.

Schedule Maintenance

Contact a qualified HVAC contractor. Professional AC maintenance includes manufacturer-recommended procedures to reduce wear and tear and support efficiency and cooling performance. It also gives a professional service technician the opportunity to look for signs of incipient problems that may become major issues later when the system’s under maximum stress.

Critical AC components that carry a heavy load during the summer include:


This 220-volt electric motor runs long and hard to compress refrigerant during hot weather. Conditions that increase stress on the compressor include:

  • Excessively long run cycles. This can be caused by low airflow due to a clogged filter. During the summer, you should have your HVAC contractor replace the filter.
  • Low refrigerant charge. Usually this is a result of a leak in the system and requires professional diagnosis and repair.


Problems at the evaporator and/or condenser coils can cause overly long cooling cycles that stress other air conditioner components.

  • Dust and dirt accumulation on coil surfaces reduces coil performance, causing the air conditioner to run longer to maintain indoor temperatures and, in turn, incur more wear. Dirty copper coils are also more subject to deterioration and refrigerant leaks due to acidic reactions caused by moisture. Coil cleaning is part of professional seasonal maintenance.
  • Ice formation on the evaporator coil may totally obstruct airflow. This can trigger a system shutdown, as well as inflicting excess wear on the compressor motor. Coil icing is a common symptom of insufficient refrigerant charge.

For qualified service to avoid failing AC components this summer, contact the cooling professionals at Jackson & Sons.