Staying on top of furnace performance will not only save you money in the short- and long-term, it will also keep your home safer and more comfortable. So, how can you tell how well your furnace performed this season?

Your energy bills are the first place to look for indications that your heating system isn’t working as it should. If your bills have gone up over the last year without a big change in the weather patterns or utility rates, the furnace might be the culprit.

Furnaces lose efficiency as they age, part of which may be caused by a slowing blower motor. Less airflow raises energy costs because it takes longer to heat your home. Here are some other indicators that your furnace performance has declined:

Strange noises.

If your HVAC system clangs or bangs as your furnace runs, you may have a serious problem with the heat exchanger or burner. There may also be ductwork issues as well. In both cases, have your system serviced by a pro from Jackson & Sons, who can trace the cause and fix the problem.

Rust and corrosion.

Scheduling a planned service visit will ensure your technician is looking at your furnace to assess its condition. Besides looking for excessive amounts of dust, they keep an eye out for rusting. For example if using natural gas, when it burns, water vapor is created that can condense in the form of water. If there is something wrong with the venting system, the water vapor can collect and rust the metal components inside the furnace.


Increasing humidity indoors can steam up the windows. Your furnace may not be venting the exhaust gases properly. Call Jackson & Sons for an evaluation of your furnace performance.

To learn more about furnace performance issues and money-saving planned maintenance services, contact Jackson & Sons. We want to help educate customers in Eastern North Carolina (including Greene, Wayne, Johnston, Pitt, Lenoir, Wilson, Duplin and Craven Counties) about energy and home comfort issues.