Dual Fuel Systems

Dual Fuel HVAC Systems

Conserve Energy and Save Money with a Dual Fuel HVAC System

Are you looking for an energy efficient way to heat or cool your home? A dual fuel, or hybrid system may be the solution for you! Rather than choosing between gas and electricity, a hybrid system operates with both, utilizing whichever fuel is most efficient at the time. Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning installs dual fuel HVAC systems for homes and businesses. Located outside Goldsboro, NC, we serve customers in Wayne, Johnston and Pitt Counties and in towns throughout Eastern NC.

How does a dual fuel system work?

A dual fuel system usually combines an electric heat pump with a gas or oil furnace. When the heat pump can find enough ambient heat in the air to keep your home warm, then the system operates on electricity. When there is not enough ambient heat, the system will switch over to the gas or oil furnace. The switch happens automatically at a switch point that is predetermined at the time of installation.

Want to learn more about a hybrid system for your Eastern NC home? Call Jackson & Sons!

When it comes to an important investment like your HVAC system, you need a company you can trust for knowledge and expertise. For more information about the dual fuel systems we offer or to schedule a free quote, call Jackson & Sons at 800-646-8460. We look forward to providing the HVAC system that meets the comfort needs of your home or business.

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