Ignoring HVAC Maintenance Can Be Costly

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Most of the benefits of today’s heating and cooling technology depend on regular HVAC maintenance. Like any other complex mechanical device, heating and air systems need professional maintenance tune ups and upkeep to sustain manufacturer’s specifications. While the essentials are not very demanding — regularly scheduled maintenance procedures by a qualified service technician are the basic recommendation — neglecting maintenance can be notably expensive and inconvenient in the long run.

Here are five potential consequences of ignoring basic HVAC maintenance requirements:

1. Higher Operating Costs

Manufacturer’s efficiency specifications are helpful to estimate energy consumption and operating costs. However, these specifications rely on regular professional maintenance. If the air conditioner and/or furnace isn’t consistently maintained after it’s installed, efficiency will decline and operating costs will most likely be higher than expected.

2. Declining Comfort

A neglected HVAC system typically doesn’t produce the volume of cooled or heated air required to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. You’ll probably find yourself setting the thermostat increasingly lower in summer and higher in winter just to maintain basic indoor comfort control that previoulsy was the norm.

3. More Frequent Service Calls

Lack of maintenance usually results in the HVAC system running increasingly longer cycles to meet thermostat settings. Wear and tear therefore accumulates faster and component failures—as well as calls for repair service — become more frequent.

4. Shorter System Life

Estimates of HVAC service life normally average between 10 to 15 years and in some cases even longer. However, these figures are based on the assumption that the unit receives regular professional maintenance tune ups. If maintenance is neglected, system replacement may be necessary much sooner as expensive critical components such as the compressor and coils fail prematurely.

5. Loss of Warranty Coverage

The manufacturer’s warranty for most new HVAC units requires written proof of regular annual maintenance by a qualified HVAC service technician in order to receive warranty coverage for service or replacement.

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