Fall Season in Eastern North Carolina is synonymous with football, and it’s the time of year when groups of friends and family get together to cheer on their favorite team, whether it’s the Panthers, Pirates, Tar Heels, Wolfpack or Blue Devils. If you have a watch party in the planning stages, you’re probably focused on putting together a mouth-watering menu and deciding what beverages to have on hand. Your party comfort concerns likely also include having enough seating and screen space so everyone has a great view of the action.

When you’re planning all the details to make sure your guests have a great time, don’t forget that your HVAC belongs in the starting lineup if you want a winning watch party. Your HVAC can be the MVP if you follow these simple tips:

Pay Attention to the Temperature

Even if it’s mild outdoors on the day of your party, and you normally wouldn’t need cooling, be ready to switch on the A/C once everyone arrives, because it’s bound to heat up indoors when the game gets underway. Having ample air movement is essential to, so plan to run your ceiling fans and have a couple of portable fans on hand to use if necessary.

Tackle Food Preparation Ahead of Time

Cooking can add a lot of heat and extra humidity to your home’s interior, so if possible, keep the use of heat-generating appliances to a minimum on game day. You can go with appetizers and entrees that you can prepare in advance, or plan to grill outdoors to keep the kitchen and living areas comfortably cool.

Maintain Your Air Quality

Factor in grease and odors from cooking and airborne moisture from everyone’s respiration and your air quality can take a hit on the day of your party. Running your HVAC can help alleviate both these concerns, so make sure it’s in superb working condition by making a maintenance appointment for an inspection, cleaning and tuneup.

If you have party comfort concerns about your HVAC and need to schedule maintenance or service, contact us at Jackson & Sons.

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