Protect Your Home From Summer Storms

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Watch Out For These 3 Common NC Storm Hazards!

Whether you enjoy a backyard BBQ, taking a much-needed beach vacation or simply spending time with the family, North Carolina summers are anything but dull! However, while there is plenty of warm-weather fun to be had for the whole family, it’s important to be aware of the approaching storm season and the effects it can have on your home. Consider creating an action plan for your household, so that everyone is prepared should you observe potentially dangerous weather events such as power surges, damaging winds or flooding.

Power Surges:

North Carolina sees over 500,000 lightning strikes each year. If lightning happens to strike it could flood your home HVAC and appliances with electricity, consequently damaging your appliances and potentially even causing a fire. Thunder and lightning storms happen frequently and it is advisable to take preventative measures rather than be left with costly damage and replacements. Some things you can do to keep your home’s and HVAC safe during a storm include:

  • Plugging your appliances into a surge-protecting power strip.
  • Investing in a main panel surge protector. 
  • Having your system inspected thoroughly and regularly.
  • Consider a backup generator.

Don’t let power surges keep your household in the dark or without an AC this storm season!


Whether from hurricanes, flash floods or rivers rising - major flooding can occur in most parts of Eastern North Carolina and may severely compromise your home, as well as your HVAC system and your health. If waters rise and any part of your HVAC unit becomes submerged, your HVAC may no longer work or become vulnerable to microbial growth which can then spread throughout your home comfort system. If the encroaching bacteria and microbes are able to travel into your home’s fans and ductwork, they may be circulated along with the air you and your family breathe. To keep unwanted airborne particles out of your indoor air, be sure to assess several aspects of your HVAC system’s current setup:

  • If your HVAC system is located in your basement or an outdoor area prone to flooding, consider asking your heating and air company to mount your system on a raised platform.
  • Inspect your home’s outdoor drainage and seek professional help to control water flow and drainage.

Many towns in our area are vulnerable to flooding and experience HVAC damage, you can rely on the experts at Jackson & Sons to repair the damage or replace the system and ductwork when necessary in a timely and professional manner!

Wind Damage:

Accelerated wind speeds are one factor that make summer storms and hurricanes especially potent. Not only can they cause structural damage to your property, but they can also harm multiple elements of your HVAC system. To minimize repairs and maximize safety, be sure to trim foliage at least 2-3 feet away from your unit in order to prevent debris from falling in the system.

Additionally, it is a good idea to put together an emergency supplies kit, secure all of the windows in your household and inspect your home for minor structural damage or water marks once the storm has passed.

If you have any questions about how to prepare your HVAC system for this storm season, give the experts at Jackson & Sons a call at (919) 734-9611. When you need us - We’ll be there!

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