Relocating portions or all of your home’s HVAC system can be a costly and complicated endeavor, depending on what components are involved. Before you decide to proceed with an HVAC relocation, it’s wise to get advice from a knowledgeable professional who can also handle the move for you.

Pros of HVAC Relocation

Changing the location of an HVAC system component can be necessary and beneficial if:

  • You want to improve your cooling efficiency by moving the A/C’s evaporator unit from your home’s unconditioned attic.
  • You plan to add finished living space in your home’s basement, so you need to relocate the furnace and air handler.
  • You’re making modifications like a home addition, new deck, or swimming pool.
  • You’re redesigning your landscaping.
  • You want to move the outdoor unit, so it’s not visible from the street and better protected from possible theft.
  • You want to avoid the system from being damaged by any future flooding.

Possible Cons of Relocating HVAC

There are two main cons to HVAC relocation:


Relocating HVAC components can take a lot of time and labor, and it needs to be done by a professional so nothing is damaged and the system continues to work properly. If you’re having an indoor evaporator, outdoor condenser/compressor or a furnace/air handler unit moved, some of the necessary steps involved may include:

  • Pumping out the refrigerant and extending/replacing the copper lines.
  • Moving and leveling the unit.
  • Redoing the electrical wiring to the thermostat and/or disconnect box.
  • Removing any moisture in the refrigerant lines to avert flow issues.
  • Recharging the refrigerant and testing for leaks.
  • Modifying and reattaching the fuel lines, exhaust vent, and return and supply ductwork.
  • Performing various checks to ensure that the system is operating safely and properly once the move is complete.


The expense of relocating equipment can vary considerably, depending on the components involved, the materials needed, and the amount of labor it takes. To get an accurate estimate on the cost of a move, have your HVAC professional evaluate your system and desired changes.

If you’re considering HVAC relocation in your Eastern North Carolina home, contact us at Jackson & Sons for expert advice.