If you have an opportunity to see your trusted HVAC technician or contractor in the near future, take the time to thank them for the valuable service they provide to you and other homeowners. There’s no better time than HVAC Tech Day, which falls on June 22 every year. Certified professional HVAC techs not only ensure your home is comfortable 12 months a year, they also make sure your heating and cooling equipment is operating efficiently and safely.

Here’s three ways your technician earns your appreciation throughout the year and deserves your recognition on HVAC Tech Day:

  1. They ensure your comfort. Quality HVAC contractors and technicians are responsible for making sure your home is comfortable during the coldest days in winter and the hottest, muggiest days of summer — and all the days in between. The contractor will set you up with the right heating and cooling system for your home — not just size and layout but many other factors as well. Then, the contractor’s certified HVAC techs will keep your heating and cooling equipment serviced and maintained throughout the system’s service life.
  2. They keep your home energy efficient. During semi-annual service visits — one for the cooling system and one for the heating system — a professional HVAC tech will tune up, clean, adjust and inspect heating and cooling equipment to ensure it’s not consuming any more energy than necessary to keep your home comfortable. They will also recommend ways to save energy in your home, like through proper air sealing and insulation. At system replacement time, your trusted HVAC contractor will recommend an Energy Star – qualified heating and cooling system.
  3. Safety is their priority. A certified HVAC technician will pay special attention to safety when installing, servicing and repairing your heating and cooling system. They’ll inspect exhaust venting, electrical connections, and gas and refrigerant lines to make sure they’re securely adjusted and connected.

Our competent, professional heating and cooling technicians deserve ample thanks on HVAC Tech Day. If you have need of their services, please contact us at Jackson & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning, serving eastern North Carolina communities.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Eastern North Carolina (including Wayne, Johnston, Greene, Lenoir, Pitt and Duplin Counties) about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Prawny/Pixabay”