You probably don’t think much about your home’s duct system. After all, it’s likely located out of sight, in the attic, basement or crawl space, so what could go wrong with it? Unfortunately, your duct system, like anything else in your home, breaks down from continuous wear and tear. That’s when you’re going to require duct sealing.

Why Duct System Wears Out

In summer and winter, your ducts convey a large volume of conditioned air to your home, time after time. They expand and contract under great pressure and though they’re made of sturdy material, they may crack or become disconnected. Sometimes when their integrity fails, they even become a haven for rodents or other pests that can do even more damage.

Why You Need Sealed Ducts

Ducts are supposed to be sealed tightly. Otherwise, they’re leaking your conditioned air into unconditioned spaces, so that you’re wasting energy and money as your system works harder to do its job. Also, unsealed ducts allow humidity and other pollutants into the stream of supply air, and that can in turn be delivered into your home. Pollutants will affect your indoor air quality, and in the case of humidity, may cause your home to be uncomfortable, especially in the summer. More humidity means you will feel the need to crank up the thermostat and again, you’ll be wasting energy and money.

An added hazard is backdrafting of gases from combustion-powered appliances.

Some signs your ductwork is leaking:

  • unusually high winter and summer utility bills
  • rooms or places in rooms that are uncomfortably warm or cool
  • stuffy rooms
  • high humidity or poor indoor air quality

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