As temperatures rise and flowers are in full bloom, it’s a great time to break out the patio furniture and barbecue grill. Before you make your guest list for summer parties, however, it pays to consider how you’ll keep guests comfortable without straining your air conditioning system.

Here are important tips for keeping guests cool while avoiding large cooling bills:

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

Have a technician inspect and clean your air conditioner. Clean, maintained air conditioners run more efficiently and keep costs lower.

Seat Guests Wisely

Set up tables and other seating areas away from heat sources, such as the kitchen oven, stove or outdoor firepit or grill. In addition, avoid crowding people too closely together. Allow space between seats for good airflow.

Provide Shade Outdoors

Install a large patio umbrella or set up a canopy-covered outdoor pavilion so guests can escape the sun’s glare. Shading the patio will also help keep adjoining living spaces cooler by reducing solar heat on exterior walls and windows.

Cover the Patio Door

Each time a guest goes through the patio door, heat from outdoors will rush inside and drive up your energy bill. Hang a dark mesh solar screen or even a thermal-lined curtain over the door to keep some of the heat outside where it belongs. Keep this screen up all summer long for added energy savings and home comfort.

Use Fans

Indoors or outdoors, a fan’s breeze is always welcome on a hot day. Flowing air wicks sweat from skin, creating a cooling effect. Use ceiling, tabletop, or floor fans wherever guests are congregating.

Provide Cold Food and Drink Options

Consuming cold foods and beverages help lower body temperature. Serve items like ice cream, sherbet, smoothies, and cold salads and have plenty of ice on hand for drinks.

After the Party

After guests leave, don’t go to bed without shutting everything down to avoid wasting energy. This includes closing exterior doors and windows, shutting off extra fans you had running, and adjusting the thermostat.

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