Your HVAC system works hard to keep your Eastern North Carolina home cool or warm throughout the year. Over time, this system will suffer wear and tear and run with less efficiency, and it could also develop problems that need to be repaired. The following preventative HVAC maintenance tips can help your system work efficiently and reduce the risk of issues that need to be repaired.

Set Up Routine Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance provides you with a highly effective way to keep your system running efficiently. When you schedule these visits, your HVAC professional will come to your home to tune up your system and make sure it’s working at its peak performance. Your HVAC technician can look for early signs of trouble with your system and handle these as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

Check Your Thermostat

Your thermostat can also have issues that affect your HVAC system’s efficiency. You should check your thermostat from time to time to make sure that the settings are correct and that it’s working properly. If you’re having any problems with your thermostat, an HVAC professional can test it and take care of any repairs or adjustments that are needed.

Watch for Debris Near the Outdoor Unit

Leaves and other debris can end up blocking airflow from your outdoor unit. This can result in damage to your HVAC system, so it’s important to ensure that your outdoor unit is free of debris on all sides. During routine maintenance visits, your technician will clean and test your system to ensure there aren’t any problems with airflow.

If it’s time to schedule preventative HVAC maintenance at your Eastern North Carolina home, contact Jackson and Sons.