What Is the Best AC Temperature in Warm Weather?

best AC temperature

Is the best AC temperature setting in summer merely a matter of opinion? In a house with people of varying ages and personal preferences, it may well seem that way. Moreover, keeping everyone comfortable is part of making sure a house is a home that people look forward to living in. Still, certain limits are well established on the basis of research and surveys.

The choice of the best AC temperature not only affects comfort. In some cases, it impacts health and also the economics of the household. Temperature perception is often situational and subjective. However, research by the U.S. Department of Energy has identified a daytime temperature that is preferable most of the time for most people. That temperature is 78 degrees. Here are some reasons why that mark on the thermometer is considered optimum:

What About the Best AC Temperature at Night?

Ideal sleeping temperatures vary more widely. For example, the Department of Energy actually recommends higher thermostat settings for sleeping that can range up to 4 degrees above the 78-degree recommendation for daylight hours. Surveys, however, report that people uniformly prefer lower temperatures for sleeping (typically between 60 and 67 degrees).

Setting the AC When Nobody’s Home

The Department of Energy recommends that during long daytime periods when the house is empty, you should consider bumping the AC thermostat setting up to 85 degrees. This can reduce daytime cooling costs by as much as 15%. But don’t take it too far: Shutting off the AC entirely is not a good alternative. Cooling down an overheated house when you return generally uses more electricity than leaving the AC on all day at an energy-savings setting. Those with inside pets would need to consider that as well when choosing a thermostat temperature when they are away from the home.

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