Running a floral business involves making sure that your flowers stay fresh and beautuful. While water and sunlight help, you should also be paying attention to the interior temperature and humidity level in your shop, especially if you have a walk-in cooler. Keep the following florist HVAC needs in mind so you can count on being able to maintain healthy flowers.

Humidity Levels

How humid should you keep your display and storage areas? Flowers that are used for display and flowers that you keep in storage require the right amount of humidity to stay fresh. Ideally, you should have a humidity level that falls between 90% and 95%. If you have flowers that you keep in preservatives to help them last longer, your humidity level should be around 80%. You can adjust the humidity level in these areas with a dehumidifier if there’s too much moisture. Running your central air conditioning also helps keep the humidity level lower if needed.

Fan Speed

If you rely on air conditioning in your floral shop, you should make sure the fan speed is at the right setting. Having a fan speed that is too high could cause your flowers to become dry in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that you can set a lower fan speed and still maintain cooler temperatures when you have the right-size air conditioner. If you have an air conditioner that is too small for your shop, you’ll risk having to run the fan at a higher speed in order to keep the interior temperature cool enough.

AC Location

If you rely on an air conditioning unit to keep display flowers fresh, it’s important to consider its location. Having cooler air blowing onto your flowers can damage them, shortening their life span. You should have the AC unit placed far enough away from these displays, while still ensuring that it can keep the area cool.

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