Heat pumps are common choices for many Eastern North Carolina homeowners. That’s because heat pumps are energy efficient, and they provide both home heating and home cooling solutions. If you want to get the most out of your heat pump system, keep reading to learn three features you should know.

Comfort to Your Lifestyle

WiFi-enabled thermostats — or smart thermostats — give you the convenience of controlling your heat pump and home comfort environment from virtually anywhere using your smartphone. Intuitive user interfaces of smartphone apps allow you to keep tabs on home temperature, indoor air quality, system alerts and even energy usage. Program cooling and heating temperatures to suit your lifestyle, such as energy-saving settings when you’re away, yet arrive home to a comfortable house based on your settings.

Cycles of Heat Pump

Heat pumps use electricity to pump refrigerant between two coils and to power the blower that forces heated or cooled air through your home. Following are the cycles you need to be familiar with to operate your system efficiently:

  • Defrost: During the heating months, the outdoor coil may develop a thin layer of ice. When ice is detected, heat pumps go into defrost mode and circulate hot refrigerant through the outdoor coil.
  • Emergency or auxiliary: You may see “Emergency” or “Auxiliary” displayed on your thermostat from time to time. These indicators tell you that a backup heating element is providing home heating, rather than the more efficient indoor coil. Use a thermostat compatible for heat pumps to avoid going into this energy-wasting cycle.
  • Auto/On: “Auto” and “On” displayed on the thermostat indicate whether the blower is operating only during “Heat” or “Cool” mode (Auto) or operating continuously (On). Keep the thermostat set to Auto for better energy efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Heat pumps needs professional preventive maintenance twice each year. For example, spring maintenance prepares your system for the hot summer months, and fall maintenance helps your heat pump switch gears for winter. Maintaining a regular maintenance program helps your system last longer and uses less energy.

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