5 Signs You Need Immediate Commercial HVAC Repairs

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The HVAC equipment that heats and cools your business premises is designed durably to withstand a heavy workload, and you can help keep it running for many years by staying alert to any developing problems. You can avoid some unnecessary inconvenience and expense by watching out for these signs that your system needs commercial HVAC repairs:

Short Cycling

If your building’s heating system starts up, runs briefly, then shuts down again, you’re experiencing energy-wasting short cycling. Your HVAC pro will need to investigate why this is occurring, which may be oversized equipment or airflow restrictions that are causing overheating.

Odd Noises

It’s normal to hear some sounds when your HVAC equipment is operating. New or unusual noises coming from the equipment or vents are often warning signs of serious issues within the system, so they shouldn’t be ignored. If your HVAC starts making humming, high-pitched buzzing, clanking or grinding noises, it’s wise to get an expert diagnosis without delay.

Unpleasant Odors

If you or your employees notice musty odors, an ether-like or rotten-egg smell, or an acrid burnt aroma when your business HVAC is running, there’s likely an issue that needs attention. A trained technician can inspect the system and advise you on the source of the odor and what repairs are needed to fix the problem.

Inconsistent Temperature Control

Poor temperature control not only causes discomfort, but it can also waste energy or overwork your HVAC equipment and cause a sudden breakdown or failure. Having an HVAC professional take a look at this problem may uncover duct system deficiencies or damage, thermostat or zoning control malfunctions, or a lack of proper air balancing within the system.

Rising Energy Bills

When your commercial HVAC system is well maintained and working properly, your monthly energy bills should stay fairly consistent over time. If your usage habits haven’t changed, but your bills are steadily trending upward, you need to find out why. It may be time to replace your aging, inefficient HVAC components, or you may have a mechanical issue that requires immediate repair.

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