Are HVAC Add-Ons Advised for Your Home System?

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While your furnace and air conditioner may be performing up to specifications, certain HVAC add-ons can still enhance functionality and increase system efficiency. As a supplement to existing heating and cooling units, available HVAC enhancements can help make indoor air healthier, compensate for aspects of natural climate like high humidity, and fine-tune household comfort. Here are some HVAC add-ons to consider when you’re thinking about improving your indoor environment.

Whole-home dehumidifier.

While portable room dehumidifiers are some help, one of the more comprehensive HVAC add-ons is a whole-home unit installed in your ductwork. High humidity makes the home less comfortable and harder for your air conditioner to cool. Excess moisture also triggers mildew and toxic mold growth. A whole-home dehumidifier continuously monitors water vapor in the airflow that’s circulating through the entire house and precisely maintains indoor relative humidity at the desired setting on the digital humidistat.

Ultraviolet lamps.

Living airborne microorganisms can contaminate the home environment. These microbes — including viruses, germs, bacteria, and spores — replicate inside air filters and other system components and may continuously reinfect indoor air. Wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light deactivate 99% of airborne microorganisms by disrupting their capacity to reproduce. UV lamps are commonly utilized in hospitals and clinics to sterilize surfaces. Installed inside your HVAC system, UV lamps in your home continuously expose the system airflow to the disinfecting properties of ultraviolet light, eliminating potentially harmful microorganisms.

Air purification.

Basic HVAC air filters trap common inert airborne particulates like dust, dirt, and fibers. However, air purification is a more comprehensive process that captures microscopic particles down to a size of 1 micron, with high-efficiency, electronically charged filtration. The process also reduces levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds) fumes in household air. Typically installed in central HVAC ductwork, an air purifier treats all airflow circulating throughout the entire home.

Ask the Jackson & Sons professionals for more information about the benefits of HVAC add-ons in your home.

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