Crawl Space Safety Recommendations

Crawl Space Safety Recommendations

Is crawl space safety an issue in your home? Most people visit that cramped, creepy zone under the house as seldom as possible. However, at certain times, you may need to venture down there or personnel who come to your home—HVAC service technicians, plumbers or electricians—may require access to the crawl space. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware of crawl space safety and factors that may affect it.

Unhealthy Air Quality

The damp, dark conditions inside a crawl space promote mold and bacteria growth. Due to limited ventilation, air quality may be tainted by mold spores and other pathogens that trigger allergic reactions or illness when inhaled. For safety, when entering the crawl space always wear a breathing mask that is approved to protect against airborne microorganisms.

Electrical Dangers

A wet crawl space, common after heavy rain and flooding, or an indoor plumbing pipe rupture, can present electrocution hazards. Electrical wiring routed through the crawl space may have deteriorated. Contact with bare uninsulated wires is possible, especially in cramped confines with little room to move freely. If the area is wet or flooded and/or condition of wiring is questionable, power should be turned off at the main electrical panel before entering the crawl space.

Toxic Exposure

Ruptured or backed-up sewage pipes routed under the house may release raw sewage in the crawl space, creating a zone of toxic contamination. Category 1 sewage is a biohazard that can cause illness if it contacts bare skin or even from merely breathing the fumes in that confined space. If you suspect sewage leaks in the crawl space don’t enter the area or allow any service personnel to do so. Contact a qualified plumber immediately.

Poisonous Pests

Some not-so-harmless creatures may find a home in your crawl space. Snakes, wasp nests, spiders, etc., can pose a safety hazard. If you encounter dangerous inhabitants, or see evidence such as nests, leave the crawl space and contact an exterminator.

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