As an Eastern North Carolina homeowner, you expect your air conditioner to be efficient, effective, and — most importantly — quiet. So when anything out of the ordinary happens with your AC system, you’re bound to hear it. Strange and unusual AC sounds can indicate a number of issues with your cooling equipment.

AC Sounds You Shouldn’t Hear

  • Banging and Clanking Sounds. Banging and clanking noises usually indicate that something’s off-balance, like a component inside the AC compressor or the blower motor. Damaged and/or out-of-balance fan blades can also cause these AC sounds.
  • Chattering and Rattling Sounds. Loose screws and bolts can cause components to rattle or chatter during operation. Loose leaves, twigs, and other debris can also make similar sounds when stuck inside your AC system.
  • Constant Humming and Clicking. AC compressors often hum and refuse to start when they’re on their last legs. Other electrical issues can also produce humming and/or clicking sounds.
  • Squeaking and Squealing Sounds. A lack of proper lubrication or an aging fan belt can cause outdoor fan motors and indoor blower motors to squeak or squeal loudly.
  • Screaming and Whistling Sounds. Leaky or misaligned ducts can cause air to whistle past, creating those unwanted sounds. A refrigerant leak can also make similar AC sounds. If you hear screaming noises from your AC unit, shut it off and call a professional as soon as you can.

What About Complete Silence?

Silence is golden, but you shouldn’t expect complete silence from your AC system unless it’s turned off. If your AC system suddenly refuses to turn on, it’s time to get your technician involved in troubleshooting the issue.

To learn more about unusual AC sounds and what they mean for your HVAC equipment, get in touch with the professionals at Jackson & Sons today.