If you’re skilled with basic home maintenance, think twice about DIY HVAC repairs. The hardware and technology incorporated in today’s furnace and central air conditioner units is not engineered for do-it-yourself efforts by well-meaning amateurs.

Beyond replacing the system air filter regularly—a simple and vital task you should do every month or so—there are generally no other HVAC repair procedures that can be considered DIY-friendly. Attempting to take on tasks that should be left to qualified service professionals can cause costly permanent damage. What’s more, it can be dangerous to the do-it-yourselfer and other occupants of the home, as well.

Here are reasons average homeowners should leave DIY HVAC repairs off their to-do list.

1. Special Equipment Required

Maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems requires specialized tools and equipment purpose-built for professional HVAC field techs. A screwdriver and pliers won’t get the job done. Thousands of dollars are typically invested in the tools and technology utilized to troubleshoot and repair HVAC systems.

2. Compromising Safety

Heating and cooling systems incorporate hazards that could cause permanent injury or death. Flammable pressurized natural gas, high electrical voltage, toxic combustion fumes—a professional HVAC technician is trained and certified to work safely with these risks. A do-it-yourselfer is not.

3. Endangering Others

Amateur repair of heating systems could also endanger family members and other occupants of the home. Improper work performed by untrained personnel could pose an ongoing risk of fire or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning as long as the system is in operation.

4. Reducing Efficiency

DIY repairs may cause your furnace or air conditioner to operate at substandard efficiency. A unit that no longer performs up to manufacturer’s standards due to poor quality maintenance or repair will result in higher monthly operating costs for the life of the unit.

5. Voiding Warranties

Manufacturer’s warranty terms generally require proof that past maintenance and repair was performed by a qualified professional HVAC contractor in order to qualify for warranty service.

Avoid the hazards of DIY HVAC repairs and choose qualified professional service, instead. Contact the experts at Jackson & Sons.

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