Healthy indoor air quality relies on both filtration and disinfection. Inert particulate matter such as dust, lint, soot and many others may be continuously airborne inside any home. Efficient filtration, combined with fully functioning HVAC components and ductwork, is critical to minimize these pollutants.

However, living microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores and others also infect the indoor environment by recirculating and replicating in the air inside your home. When certain microorganisms accumulate to toxic levels within the enclosed environment, allergic reactions and symptoms of chronic illness may affect susceptible persons. These microscopic germs are not only too small to see, they’re often too small to filter out of indoor air with standard filtration, as well.

The Ultraviolet Approach

Ultraviolet (UV) light arrays offer an effective solution to sanitize the indoor air for your heating and air system. UV light is a proven technology used to disinfect surfaces in hospitals and health facilities. Exposure to a specific wavelength of light also present in natural sunlight disrupts the reproductive process of many airborne microorganisms. When these toxic microbes can no longer replicate, contamination quickly dissipates from the air.

UV lights can help safeguard your indoor air quality:

  • Ultraviolet lights are installed at certain spots likely to spawn microorganisms. An A/C evaporator coil inside the indoor air handler is a frequent location for mold growth. Continuous exposure to UV light inhibits mold growth and helps eliminates toxic airborne spores from the environment.

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