HVAC Tips to Reduce Spring Allergens

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As sure as the temperatures warm with the coming of spring, allergy sufferers start sniffling and sneezing.

While there are many things you can do to mitigate your suffering, did you know you can also enlist your HVAC system to help you tackle spring allergens? Here’s how.

1. Keep Allergens Outdoors

While your home can harbor numerous types of allergens — pet dander, dust mites, dust, mold and volatile organic compounds — those who suffer from pollen allergies should try to minimize exposure inside the home. That means brushing off clothes, shoes and pets before you come inside, or else changing clothes immediately, and placing the clothing you wore outside in a laundry bag until you can wash it in warm or hot water. Also, keep windows and doors closed during pollen season.

2. Air Filters

Your first line of defense against pollen is your HVAC air filter. A cheap fiberglass filter won’t do much to trap pollen and other particulates circulating in your home, but a good quality, pleated air filter will take out these particles in the system’s return air so that they are not recirculated in the supply air. The filter should be rated MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) 8-12. Change as recommended by the manufacturer; however, note that a heavy allergy season in Eastern North Carolina may require more frequent changes.

3. Augment Your System

An air cleaner or purifier can also help. There are many types, both portable and whole home. A whole-home filter installed in your HVAC system will deliver the best results. Talk to your HVAC consultant about the right equipment for your home.

For HVAC products and maintenance to help control spring allergens, contact Jackson & Sons of Eastern North Carolina.

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