In-Home Appliances and HVAC Systems Can Help Each Other

In Home Appliances

In-home appliances can increase the load on your HVAC system, reducing indoor comfort and raising operating costs. However, like many issues relating to home efficiency, there are also choices and changes you can make to enhance — instead of hinder — the operation of your air conditioner and furnace. Here are some areas where certain in-home appliances can contribute to smarter cooling or heating rather than adding to the load.

Look for the Energy Star.

Generally, the more electricity an appliance consumes, the more it contributes to indoor heat that adds to the home’s cooling load. Units that consume less energy typically emit less heat, thus reducing air conditioner cooling cycles. To help reduce excess heat from in-home appliances, when it’s time to upgrade, choose refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and clothes driers that receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star rating for reduced energy consumption.

Cut oven heat.

Standard ranges radiate heat that may contribute to longer air-conditioner operation and wear and tear. Hooded ranges, however, divert rising heat released by the range into a ventilation duct that extends to the roof. A hooded range effectively exhausts about 65% of heat released by the appliance, which helps your HVAC system keep you comfortable.

Low humidity is cool.

The dehumidifying function of your central air conditioner is critical to the cooling process. However, in humid summer conditions, it may not be enough. A whole-home dehumidifier installed in ductwork continuously extracts humidity from the HVAC airflow. Reducing humidity helps keep occupants of the home in the comfort zone and reduces AC wear and tear.

Humidifying helps the furnace.

Dry winter air doesn’t hold heat efficiently. This often results in higher thermostat settings and longer furnace heating cycles. A whole-house humidifier — or portable humidifier units placed in individual rooms — are in-home appliances that help retain heat so your furnace maintains indoor comfort with lower energy expense and less depreciation.

For more about the connection between in-home appliances and HVAC systems, ask the pros at Jackson & Sons.

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