Should You Schedule HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

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Today’s modern HVAC equipment is designed to operate much longer than those of years past, and to be sure you get the most out of your heating and air system, it’s imperative to stay current with the system’s maintenance needs.

Schedule Maintenance Tune Ups

You should schedule two planned maintenance tune ups each year with a qualified HVAC Contractor, one every six months. Doing so will allow the system to run at top efficiency, alert you by pinpointing any potential problems early on and extend the life of the equipment. Professional HVAC Contractors offer maintenance agreements, that will not only take the worry and responsibility out of remembering to schedule the appointment twice a year, but also provide discounts and added benefits to the home or business owner.

Monitor The Filter

Something as simple as an air filter could mean the difference between an HVAC system that runs efficiently and one that does not. An air filter is essential for proper operation of your equipment, so when your technician visits for the maintenance tune up, the filter will be checked and replaced if needed, as well as providing you with proper recommendations if you will need to change the filters between maintenance visits. Many filter styles last longer than 30 days, while others need to be replaced on a monthlly basis. Keep in mind that pleated air filters will trap more airborne particles such as dust, dirt and pet hair.

Clear the A/C Unit’s Condensate Drain

When your air conditioner’s condensate drain has been impeded by debris, the equipment will not run as smoothly as it should. A qualified technician will clean this drain during the maintenance visit to ensure that the system’s performance is as it should be.

Keep Your Thermostat in Good Working Order

It isn’t uncommon for the inefficiency of an HVAC system to be linked directly to a malfunctioning thermostat. Checking the thermostat is another item on the maintenance checklist, the thermostat will be inspected to ensure it’s working properly. Older less efficient thermostats are often replaced after a recommendation to upgrade to a more proficient model for optimal performance.

Check the Outdoor Unit for Debris

A system’s outdoor unit is essential for proper operation and normally located beside or behind a home or business, larger corporate buildings often place them on the roof. So for the owner, it’s more of an out of sight, out of mind thing. However, these outdoor units get very dirty due to the outside elements such as dust, leaves, trees and other debris. Your outdoor unit should be thoroughly cleaned every six months to keep the system operating at peak performance.

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