What Are the Best Ways to Eco Upgrade Your Home?

Eco Upgrade

An eco upgrade can be considered a win-win for the environment and you. It’s a welcome coincidence that an eco upgrade often contributes to improved indoor comfort while also typically reducing operating costs. Also, you don’t have to wait for a future major remodel to take advantage of an eco upgrade, since many improvements can be made individually as time and your budget permits.

Here are some examples of upgrades that benefit the home, its occupants, and the planet:

Insulate for the 21st century.

If your attic insulation dates back to a bygone era of cheaper energy and reduced environmental awareness, bring it up to current Department of Energy specs. Upgrading insulation to meet current eco standards shortens furnace and AC cycles, reducing load on the electrical grid, decreasing HVAC wear and tear, and keeping indoor temperatures more consistent.

Replace efficiently.

When it’s time to replace an AC or furnace, consider an eco upgrade to higher-efficiency units that help reduce greenhouse emissions. High-efficiency air conditioners with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings above 20 can reduce AC electrical consumption by up to 40% compared with older SEER 10 units. A high-efficiency condensing furnace with an AFUE rating of 90% or more means up to a 15% reduction in wasted heat loss compared to older models.

Get a greener garage door.

We don’t mean painting the old one. That flimsy, old-school, metal door provides a supersized portal for winter heat loss and summer heat gain, potentially affecting the whole house. New, energy-efficient garage doors utilize multilayer materials incorporating polyurethane insulation, as well as high-tech weatherstripping along the bottom and sides.

Invest in an intelligent thermostat.

Make an eco upgrade to a smarter learning thermostat. These units utilize adaptive intelligence and multiple sensors to detect household patterns and compute the most effective temperatures that maximize both HVAC efficiency and indoor comfort. Annual average energy reductions from a major-brand smart thermostat average between 13% and 15%.

For more eco upgrades to reduce your energy footprint while increasing your home’s comfort level, contact us at Jackson & Sons.

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