Keep Your HVAC Efficient With Proper Insulation

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If you’re looking for ways to increase comfort and lower your yearly heating and cooling costs, you need to consider how well your home is insulated. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), having the right amount of properly-installed insulation in key areas can improve HVAC efficiency, and allow you to enjoy a more comfortable home, year-round.

Understanding the Role of Insulation in HVAC Efficiency

Heat naturally flows from a warmer to a cooler area until the temperature is equalized. Insulation works by slowing this flow of heat, so it directly affects how efficiently you can heat or cool your home. The different types of insulation products on the market are rated for their efficiency at resisting heat flow, and this rating is known as an “R-value.” Knowing how much insulation you need, and where it should be installed, can allow you to optimize your home’s efficiency.

DOE Insulation Recommendations

The DOE provides guidelines on the total R-value needed in different areas of a home to provide the greatest boost in energy efficiency. It’s important to note that while a lack of insulation can make heating and cooling less efficient, insulating beyond the recommended levels won’t bring any appreciable energy savings, so it’s a waste.

Before you decide to augment your home’s insulation, it’s wise to have an energy assessment performed to locate specific areas where energy is being lost, and the amount of insulation already installed. If the existing insulation is in good condition, but insufficient, have additional material put in to reach these recommended R-value totals in specific areas:

Don’t Neglect Your HVAC Ductwork Insulation

While many homes in our area have the HVAC ducts located within the conditioned living space to limit energy losses, they can sometimes be run through uninsulated crawlspaces, attics or garages. If you have ductwork in any unfinished areas, make sure it’s well-sealed with mastic or metal-backed tape, then wrapped in an R-8 duct insulation.

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