What Is the Most Environmentally Responsible Refrigerant on the Market?

Responsible Refrigerant

Because nearly 90% of American homes utilize some form of air conditioning, the use of a responsible refrigerant is important to our environment and our global health. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of an air conditioner; it’s a chemical that circulates between the two AC coils, extracting indoor heat and dispersing it outdoors. The result? Cool, comfortable indoor living even on hot summer days. For decades, however, the standard residential air conditioning refrigerant was R-22, a hydrofluorocarbon (HCFC).

Why Isn’t R-22 a Responsible Refrigerant?

Research beginning in the 1960s ultimately determined that R-22 degrades the critical protective ozone layer in our upper atmosphere. Due to this threat, a more environmentally friendly replacement — R-410A — was developed and is now utilized in all new air conditioners. This safer formulation provides many benefits over R-22. These include:

When to Make the Change to Responsible Refrigerant

While an aging, malfunctioning R-22 air conditioner that needs repairs may be fixed in certain cases, continued use is not only a potential environmental threat, it will be very expensive. Increasingly, the prohibitive cost of many repairs to these outmoded units makes upgrading to a new R-410A air conditioner the preferred choice for your budget and for the environment.

For more advice about upgrading to the responsible refrigerant, R-410A, talk to the cooling experts at Jackson & Sons.

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