Heating and cooling is an important consideration for any company, whether they’re taking care of customers’ comfort, employees’ comfort, or both. It’s true, though, that some industries depend on it more than others. So which industry HVAC issues are the most pressing? Here are some of them.


This is probably the most obvious one. Any company with a brick-and-mortar store needs to make sure its customers are comfortable. If they get too hot or too cold, they’ll leave before they have a chance to buy anything.


The industry HVAC issues they experience have more to do with installing it. Any building must be designed with heating and cooling in mind. For instance, if the ceilings are too high, the building won’t retain heat as effectively. There needs to be effective ductwork that reaches the entire structure as well. (Unless the building uses a mini-split that serves different sections individually.)

Other issues, like how many windows the building has and where they’re placed can affect how hot or cold it gets and how much energy the unit uses for climate control. The materials a structure is made out of also determine how much heat it absorbs and how well it’s distributed. There are myriad other issues that must be considered when designing and constructing any building, whether it’s a house, a store, an office building, restaurant, etc.


Any medical facility needs optimal climate control. In hospitals, zoning is particularly important, as different rooms will have different heating and cooling needs. Perhaps one patient needs warmer conditions, while another needs it to be cooler. The temperature is essential to their health and can’t be left to chance. Also, an operating room would be set to a much cooler temperature than other areas of the hospital.

Humidity is also a factor. If it’s too dry, it can cause sore throats. An environment that’s too humid can foster bacteria in the air. Finally, proper air filtration and ventilation are both necessary for maintaining a clean environment and eliminating any harmful contaminants in the air.

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