As Time Goes On, How Can You Improve Your HVAC Unit’s Value?

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HVAC value occurs in two ways. If you’re considering putting your house on the market, studies show that replacing an aging, marginal system can make the property sell faster. You can also add HVAC value to a newer system by making upgrades that improve performance and/or lower operating costs. In addition to providing immediate benefits to you from day one, these upgrades can be helpful selling points if you later put the house up for sale.

Here are some upgrades to your existing system that enhance future HVAC value as well as improve your household comfort and budget while you’re living in the home.

Variable speed blower.

Standard single-speed HVAC blower fans provide on/off airflow. Temperatures in rooms fluctuate conspicuously as the system cycles on and off, and the noise is noticeable. A variable speed blower with high-efficiency ECM technology runs almost nonstop across a wide range of speeds to make airflow match the immediate cooling and heating needs of the home and temperature control more precise with whisper-quiet operation.

Zoning system.

HVAC zoning converts your home into two or more independent temperature zones while using your existing central air conditioner and furnace. The system integrates electronically controlled dampers inside ductwork linked to a central controller that adjusts airflow to each zone. Thermostats signal the controller to open and close dampers, directing conditioned air into each zone as required to support independent thermostat settings. For example, a two-zone system can keep both upstairs and downstairs rooms comfortable at entirely different temperatures without the need to add a second HVAC system. This can be an important HVAC value enhancement.

Whole-home dehumidifier.

The unit installs directly into your HVAC ductwork. Instead of intermittent use in single rooms that you get from portable units, whole-home dehumidifiers continuously remove humidity from the entire air volume circulating throughout your house. The system is controlled by a digital humidistat that fine-tunes humidity adjustments. Whole-home units are plumbed directly into your home drain system and do not require manual reservoir draining.

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