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Did You Know the AC and Heat Pump Are Connected?
There are a number of different options for keeping your home cool in the summer. Two of the most popular are a central cooling system…
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Should You Look Into Getting a Ductless Mini-Split?
The summer season brings with it longer days, outdoor sports, get-togethers, and vacations. However, a downside to summer is the hot, humid weather that most…
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Why Individual Room AC Units Could Help You Stay Cool This Summer
When certain rooms in your house just aren’t comfortable in the summer heat, an individual room AC may be the answer. For example, a room…
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AC Not Blowing Air? How To Fix the Problem.
When your AC isn't cooling your home at all or is blowing warm air during the hot summer months, you certainly have a problem that…
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Do You Have a Burning Smell from Your AC Vent? Know What to Do.
Have you ever had a burning smell coming from your home AC vents? If so, you can relate to how alarming this type of situation…
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When the Summer’s First Heat Wave Hits, Will Your AC Be Ready?
A recent survey revealed that heat waves have affected 48 out of 50 U.S. states in recent years. A heat wave is generally defined as…
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Keep AC Strain to a Minimum During the Hot Summer
Does your AC strain to keep the house comfortable during the summer? An air conditioner that’s struggling to maintain your desired thermostat settings is probably…
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Is Your AC Blowing Out Hot Air? Know How to Handle It
Maybe it's happened to you before: You're sitting in your cool and comfortable home when you notice that the temperature slowly begins to increase. Next,…
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This Summer Could Bring Some Common AC Problems. Know What They Are.
For many, summer is a time for vacations and fun outdoor activities. It's also the time of year when you really appreciate the comfort of…
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AC Efficiency Is Essential As the Weather Heats Up
Spring is a beautiful time of year in Eastern North Carolina, but it also means that higher temperatures and higher cooling costs are on the…
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