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Know the Link Between Your AC and Your Circuit Breakers
Circuit breakers are the safeguards that prevent damage to your air conditioner as well as your electrical system. A circuit breaker continuously senses electrical current…
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Ways to Know If Your AC Vent Covers Need Replacement
AC vent covers may not be the most critical part in an HVAC system, but they are probably the most visible. These are the louvered…
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How AC Wattage Impacts Your Unit’s Performance
Your AC wattage and the monthly expense to keep your house cool are directly related. Wattage is the standard metric that local utilities use —…
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Understand the Link Between Indoor Cooling Ability and Outside
The cooling ability of your central air conditioner is directly related to the outdoor temperature. An air conditioner is basically a heat mover. Heat energy…
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Why These AC Noises Are Important To Watch For
Ideally, the only AC noise you should hear in your house is the faint whoosh of cool comfort flowing into every room. Sometimes, however, that’s…
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How to Know If Your Home Has an Energy Efficient AC Unit
An energy efficient AC doesn't just lower monthly cooling bills. In fact, advanced technology included in these units often provides better cooling performance, increased reliability…
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These AC Troubleshooting Tips Will Be a Big Help This Summer
If your cooling system is not keeping your home comfortable, knowing a few AC troubleshooting tips may help. A cooling interruption can be caused by…
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What Are the Latest Developments in AC Technology?
When Willis Carrier patented the first air conditioner in 1902, no one could imagine how far AC technology would advance. Today, 91% of American homes…
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Why Preventing AC Condensation on Your Ducts During the Summer Is Important
AC condensation may be simply a nagging annoyance, as unwanted water is created by your cooling system. However, the condensation can also affect other aspects…
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How Best to Conserve AC Energy During the Hot Summer
Summer brings backyard barbecues, family get-togethers and laid-back weekends — as well as a number of opportunities to conserve AC energy. According to the U.S.…
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