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Why Would Your Home Heat Pump Be Blowing Out Cold Air?
In chilly winter weather, a heat pump blowing cold air is probably not what you want nor expect. Heat pumps provide year-round comfort control by consolidating…
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How You Can Detect Your Heating System’s Warning Signs
Potential warning signs from your heating system can be more than just a chilly feeling on a cold morning. The heating system in your home can…
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting a New Heating System?
If you're thinking about investing in a new furnace or heat pump, you may already have some good reasons to do so. While heating components…
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What Are the Top Heat Pump Problems in Cold Weather?
Despite advanced technology and an established record for reliability, it’s still possible you might someday be faced with one or another top heat pump problems. Incorporating both…
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Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Do You Know the Difference?
Both a furnace and a heat pump warm your house in winter.  However, the similarity between the two devices pretty much ends there. Actually, heat pumps…
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Why Does Furnace Leakage Sometimes Occur in Your Home?
The idea of furnace leakage may sound like a contradiction, but a water heater can definitely leak. In certain circumstances, a central air conditioner may spill water too. But…
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Buying a New Furnace: When Is the Right Time?
Is it time to start thinking about buying a new furnace? As fall departs and winter begins to come on strong, you definitely want to…
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Protect Your Home During a Furnace Outage
If you ever experience a furnace outage, you can pretty much count on one thing: It will happen at the most inconvenient, least-comfortable time. Loss…
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What Do You Know About a Furnace Flame Sensor and How It Works?
The flame sensor plays an important role in the safe operation of a gas furnace. Most newer furnaces don’t utilize the old-fashioned pilot light flame…
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Did You Find Your Furnace Blowing Out Cold Air? Here’s What to Know.
It’s a chilly winter night in Eastern North Carolina, and you have a furnace blowing out cold air. What’s wrong with this picture? The central…
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