Top 5 Energy Myths You Should Know

Top 5 Energy Myths You Should Know

Since electricity is complicated and we use lots of it, energy myths tend to perpetuate in hopes that they work. However logical they sound, these five myths are among the most prevalent.

  1. Turning things off stops them from using energy. Some things around the house continue to use energy even when you turn them off. The guilty culprits include anything with a clock or a timer, television sets, and some types of chargers.

    Heavy, block-style chargers continue to charge whenever they’re plugged into an outlet, even if the device they charge is disconnected. Smaller, lighter chargers turn off when the device is removed. When purchasing new appliances or devices, look for the Energy Star label that indicates it uses power-saving technology.

  2. Closing off rooms cuts energy bills. It’s logical to assume that blocking the registers in rooms you don’t use and closing their doors cuts cooling costs, but in fact, this is one of the most common energy myths. In reality, closing off rooms can increase energy and maintenance costs in the long run.
  3. Dripping faucets just waste water. A dripping showerhead or tub faucet can waste hot water just as easily as it wastes cold. The energy it took to heat the water goes down the drain, and if left unfixed, those losses can add up.
  4. Keeping the temperature the same rather than changing it when leaving home. Adjusting the thermostat saves energy when leaving home for a few hours or longer. Programmable thermostats save energy and money, while managing indoor temperatures based on your schedule automatically for you.
  5. It’s better to let the car idle for short periods than turn it off and back on. Driving a mile and idling for two minutes use the same amount of gas. Unless you’re charging the battery or pampering the starter, it’s better to turn the vehicle off.

Since your HVAC system is the largest energy user in the home, learning what the energy myths are and what aren’t will help you save money. To learn more, contact Jackson & Sons, providing HVAC services for eastern North Carolina home and business owners since 1974.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Eastern North Carolina (including Wayne, Johnston, Greene, Lenoir, Pitt and Duplin Counties) about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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