How You Can Lower Energy Bills During the Summer Heat

Lower Energy Bills

Lower energy bills are welcome at any time of year, but particularly in summer, when air conditioners run for many hours. Because heat naturally moves from a hot zone into a colder zone, the main goal in summer is limiting heat gain in the house. Of course, making sure your air conditioner is operating up to standards and removing heat as efficiently as possible is also important.

With these basics in mind, here are some suggestions to lower energy bills this summer without sacrificing cool comfort.

Keep Heat Out

Feeling Cooler

The gentle circulation of air from a ceiling fan makes a room feel about 4 degrees cooler for humans and pets. Ceiling fans use as little as 1% of the energy consumed by a central air conditioner, so they’re a win/win for both comfort and efficiency.

Smart Thermostat Settings

EPA research shows that a thermostat setting of 78 degrees provides the best balance of comfort and efficiency. Settings below that can cause overly long AC cooling cycles and higher energy costs. Also, overly cool indoor temperatures actually accelerate the movement of outdoor heat into the house.

Get A Precision Maintenance Tune Up

There are many advantages to getting regular maintenance tune ups every 6 months on your HVAC system. One being that it keeps your system running at its peak performance which will come in handy during the hot temperatures during the summer.

Consider an Upgrade to Lower Energy Bills

The average life expectancy of a central AC unit is between 12 -15 years. If your system’s approaching that age, avoid high costs and the discomfort brought on by declining performance and necessary repairs. Upgrading to a new model now can immediately provide up to 40% greater energy efficiency and more effective cooling.

For more ways to lower energy bills this summer, talk to the professionals at Jackson & Sons.

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