Know the Top HVAC Questions to Ask of Your Service Technician

top hvac questions

Any experienced heating and cooling service technician will tell you that they hear certain HVAC questions on a regular basis. It’s no wonder, because there’s no better time to get the straight story about these issues than when you have a qualified professional available to answer right in front of you. Here are some top HVAC questions we frequently hear, as well as the answers we usually give.

How often does a furnace or AC require preventative maintenance?

Ideally, schedule preventative maintenance every six months. This schedule will allow you to have your system ready for spring/summer and fall/winter.

Should indoor and outdoor central AC components be replaced at the same time?

Definitely. The coils utilized in both units are manufactured as a matched set and should not be mixed up with coils designed for earlier or later units. If you decide to replace just one, keep in mind that you have an older component and be aware it could go out at any time.

Do I really have to give up my air conditioner that utilizes R-22 refrigerant?

Lately, it’s one of the top HVAC questions we get. R-22 refrigerant has been permanently banned due to environmental hazards. All new air conditioners utilize its approved replacement, R-410A. If an aging R-22 AC needs service that includes a refrigerant recharge — or an expensive replacement part like a compressor — it should be replaced with a new R-410A unit. The good news is, you’ll get more efficient operation and more effective cooling performance from the new unit.

How do I know if the heating and cooling units in a house I just bought are still under warranty?

Locate the manufacturer’s identification plate on each unit and copy down the unit’s serial number. Find the manufacturer’s customer-service information online and submit the serial number to get the original manufacture date plus warranty status. You may also ask your HVAC professional to help with getting this information for you.

Which costs more: heating or cooling?

Frequently on the list of the top HVAC questions (and trivia contests), it actually depends on the length of the seasons in a particular climate. Generally, even where winters and summers are approximately the same length, total seasonal heating costs are usually higher than air-conditioning costs.

For more details about the top HVAC questions, ask the pros at Jackson & Sons.

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