If you have a two-story home and the second story is heating up too much, it can take a toll on your family’s comfort and your energy bills. Fixing uneven cooling like this is challenging because heat naturally rises up to a second story. The issue can be amplified by:

  • Incorrectly-sized or aging equipment. The efficiency of cooling equipment often decreases with age, while under- or over-sized equipment may not have the needed capacity to adequately cool the space, or may cool ineffectively due to short cycling.
  • Heat gains/losses. Air leaks around windows and doors, between the attic and living space or through ductwork deficiencies can cost you cool air in some areas. Insufficient attic or wall insulation can add to your HVAC system’s workload so cooling is less effective.
  • Unbalanced system airflow. Improper duct sizing, inadequate return airflow and/or poor placement of HVAC vents can lead to imbalances in airflow that causes uneven cooling.

Tips for More Consistent Cooling

If you want to enjoy greater comfort throughout your home, it’s wise to get the advice of a local HVAC pro on the best ways to make cooling more consistent. A pro may recommend:

  • Upgrading older/inefficient equipment. To cool more effectively, you may be advised to replace equipment that has a lower SEER rating or is more than 10 years old.
  • Addressing ductwork issues. Replacing poorly-designed ductwork or having it sealed and insulated may help prevent the waste of conditioned air, so there’s more delivered to the registers in each room.
  • Air sealing and insulating. Another key way to preserve conditioned airflow is to seal leaks through your home’s exterior shell and between the attic and living areas. To limit heat gains that overwork the equipment, you may be advised to add more insulation between the attic floor joists too.
  • Installing a zoning system. Dividing your HVAC system into at least two zones that provide more precise temperature control can often eliminate cooling inconsistencies between stories.

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