It won’t be long before summer arrives here in Eastern North Carolina. Once the heat and humidity settle in, you don’t need the discomfort and inconvenience of dealing with unexpected A/C repairs or replacements. Getting your cooling system checked now can allow you to avoid common problems like these:

Low Refrigerant Level

If your A/C doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant, its cooling capabilities decline and its energy consumption rises. The likely cause is a leak in the refrigerant lines, condenser or evaporator coil, and the source needs to be found and fixed promptly to prevent damage to the system’s compressor.

Blocked Condensate Lines

If an overgrowth of mildew and algae blocks your A/C’s condensate drain lines, water is sure to back up and overflow the drain pan. If you don’t notice right away, the overflow may damage nearby walls, ceilings, trim, flooring and/or carpeting. Your technician can help avert water damage by flushing the drain line during preventive maintenance.

Bad Condenser Fan

A well-functioning fan in your outdoor unit is essential to cool the condenser coil and facilitate heat transfer. If you hear a squealing sound coming from the unit, it can indicate bad bearings in a direct-drive fan motor, or a worn fan belt in an older unit. Getting the issue investigated and repaired can help prevent a mid-summer motor failure or costly compressor damage.

Electrical Component Problems

Your air conditioner is powered by an array of electrical components. If one malfunctions at the peak of the season, you may be left without cooling, or worse, at risk of harm from a fire. Having the electrical components inspected for wear and damage and making needed repairs or replacements now can help ensure your A/C’s safe, reliable operation.

Equipment Failure

Now’s the time to learn if your older A/C system may not make it through the summer, so you can have it replaced and eliminate any worries about equipment break downs or failures when you need cooling the most.

Contact us at Jackson & Sons to schedule a maintenance tune up appointment so you can have peace of mind about any necessary A/C repairs before summer arrives.