Ways to Detect an Unhealthy Temperature in Your Home

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To keep energy bills under control this winter, a lot of people are turning their thermostats down. This is great in theory, but don’t overdo it. It’s important to save energy, but it’s also important that your home is warm and comfortable. It’s not just an issue of comfort but one of health. Here’s how to know if your house has an unhealthy temperature.

Signs of an Unhealthy Temperature

The main sign that your thermostat needs adjusting is that you and your family are too cold. Even though the furnace is running, you find yourself shivering or needing extra layers. If you’re too cold in your own home, turn up the heat until you’re comfortable.

On the other hand, turning your thermostat up too high could cause unhealthy humidity levels. The furnace dehumidifies the air as it warms it. Higher temperatures make the system run longer, removing more moisture from the air. If your humidity drops below 30%, it can foster cold and flu viruses, sore throats, dry skin, and more.

Avoiding an Unhealthy Temperature

The World Health Organization recommends a thermostat setting no lower than 68 degrees while you’re home. If you have children or seniors in your house, that number increases to at least 70 degrees. If your house is too cold, it can cause problems with blood pressure and circulation, as well as affect your heart rate.

To save energy, you can drop the temperature to 65 when no one is home, but remember to reset it for the warmer temperature while the house is occupied. You can likewise drop the temperature a few degrees while you sleep as long as everyone has enough blankets.

As for humidity, consider investing in whole-house type of humidity control. It will make sure your home stays in the healthy zone between 30% and 50% humidity, thus reducing bacteria and viruses, as well as dust and other contaminants that can result from an unhealthy temperature and cause issues with your health.

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