What You Need to Know About Programmable Thermostat Installation in Your Home

You’ve decided you would like to get a programmable or smart thermostat. Congratulations! It’s an important decision that will help you save money and energy for years.

Considerations Before Programmable Thermostat Installation

Before your HVAC contractor installs your new programmable thermostat, he or she will be sure sure it’s compatible with your current system. Most modern thermostats require low-voltage HVAC systems of 24v.

You may also need some new wiring. Your HVAC contractor will check to make sure the wiring of the new thermostat matches the wiring of the old one. If not, your HVAC professional will handle any wiring needed for the installation.

Professional vs. DIY Programmable Thermostat Installation

You may be tempted to install your new thermostat yourself. Don’t do this. Thermostat installation is a complicated and often dangerous job, particularly when dealing with Wi-Fi thermostats. If it’s not done properly, it can damage your home, as well as cause serious injury.

Poor thermostat installation can damage your entire HVAC system. It can also damage your electrical workings, causing you to blow a circuit breaker. Even if the installation seems successful, there may still be problems. The thermostat may appear to function, but DIY installations often cause the system to use more energy and make them more likely to break down.

Finally, if you install it yourself, it will likely void the warranty, making it difficult and expensive to resolve these problems. That’s why you should never attempt an HVAC installation job yourself. Call your HVAC professional to do the job to ensure it’s done properly and safety.

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